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Frequently Asked Questions


How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Heat pumps are an energy-efficient way for you to heat your home while saving money.
These installations circulate refrigerant through evaporation and condensation, providing heat and recycled energy that can be re-used to heat the home.
It’s much more effective, affordable, and sustainable than traditional heating systems!


The efficiency of an air source heat pump is measured by the Coefficient of Performance (COP). This refers to the maximum efficiency with which the heat pump can run. Most air source heat pumps have a COP between 2 to 4, but in some cases, it can be as high as 5.


The COP refers to how many kilowatts of heat 1 kilowatt of electricity can produce. An air source heat pump with a COP of 4 will produce 4 kilowatts of heat. Meaning the heat pump will provide you with four times more heat than if you would heat your home using electricity.


How Do Solar Thermal Panels Work?

Using Solar Thermal Panels, a thermal system collects heat from the sun and uses it to heat the water used in your home. This is then stored in a hot-water container and circulated around the home, as required.

Solar thermal panels can be used for space heating, but most commonly they provide the
domestic hot water (DHW) needs of households.


Photovoltaic (PV) systems are commonly used solar panel systems in the UK. 
Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity. 


What Are The Benefits of Underfloor Heating?

One of the primary benefits of underfloor heating, is that it keeps rooms at a good temperature while still being energy efficient. While traditional radiators need to be turned up high to achieve this, you can leave your underfloor heating at a more appropriate level without worrying about a chill creeping in.
It’s also easy to install, it requires virtually no maintenance, and there are designs to suit every home.


How Much Does Renewable Energy Cost?

Our charges vary depending on the service that you require.
We’d be more than happy to provide a quote for any work once you’ve described your needs.


Prices below are only provided to give you an indication of the costs
(please note these prices include materials & installations estimated costs)
and does not include internal heating system, aluminium radiator upgrades or unforeseen work.


Solar Thermal Installation between £6,000 - £10,000

Solar Photovoltaic Panels £6,000 - £10,000

Air Source Heat Pumps £10,000 - £15,000

Ground Source Heat Pumps £25,000 - £45,000

Aluminium Radiator Upgrade from £200 per Radiator


What Are The Benefits of Renewable Energy?

Lots of the benefits of renewable energy are external, meaning that you’re doing something selfless while improving your home. Pollution is greatly reduced when you choose green products and it also generates good, sustainable jobs! Also, you often see a reduction in monthly bills as lots of the energy is re-used and re-diverted to meet the needs of your home!


Why Choose Renewable Energy Heating
to Install Your System?

We are a Local Company with Local Knowledge & Experience.

With over 16 years experience of installing and maintaining plumbing & heating systems, in retrofit and new build properties throughout the Southwest, we are a small and efficient team, who are passionate about the Renewable sector and the future of our planet.


With no subcontracting or nationwide departments, we are here in Cornwall.


Our renewable energy specialists offer outstanding advice and services to help our customers save money, while reducing the impact of their carbon footprint. As a local company with good customer service and a wide array of industry knowledge, our quality of service is unparalleled, we design the most efficent heating system to meet your requirements. Whether your project is a granite cottage, timber frame or commercial unit, there are a variety of options available and potentially Government funding.

Click here for Cornwall council website

We are Fully Qualified & Accredited.

We are with you all the way!

As members of MCS, Trustmark, HIES & APHC - we are a fully accredited team.

We register your equipment to ensure compliance of regulations, ensuring the standard of each installation is second to non.

We issue your extended warranties (Grant & Vaillant ASHP)


We are with you from the initial enquiry to the handover of certifications

and post installation checks.


All installations are eligible for a discounted annual service.

We are Certified Partners.

As a Grant G1 Installer, we offer extended (7 Years) Warranty on you ASHP Installation.

The G1 Scheme is designed to provide installers with the essential tools they need to successfully fit and endorse Grant products.


As a Vaillant Partner Installer, we offer extended (7 Years) Warranty on you ASHP Installation.

The Vaillant Partner Scheme is designed to provide installers with the essential tools the need to successfully fit and endorse Vaillant producs.

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Vaillant UK are proud to be part of the world wide heating and hot water corporation Vaillant Group who has presence in over 20 countries with national sales companies, and exports to more than 60 states.


The company develops and manufactures its products and services at sites in the United Kingdom as well as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Turkey and China.

Grant manufacture heating systems that respond to the challenges of rising fuel costs whilst protecting our environment.
This ecological responsibility is central to all that Grant do and we will continue to innovate the most efficient products that make best use of our natural resources. 

2022 Winner National ACR & Heating products
for Grant Aerona3 Heat Pump


Planning & Advice

As heat pumps usually fall into the category of favourable renewable energy, often there is no need for planning permissions. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.


Permissions for GSHPs
If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, contact your local council to make sure that all requirements are met before installing a GSHP.


Permissions for ASHPs

The heat pump must be built according to MCS planning standards.
Any additional ASHPs, wind turbines, etc. on the property require additional planning permission.
The device has to be more than 1 meter from the property boundary.
The device cannot be installed on a pitched roof.

Also, it should not be near the edge of a flat roof.
Conservation areas, world heritage sites, etc. require additional criteria to be met.

Click here for more information from Cornwall Council.


Permission for Solar Panels

In England, Scotland, and Wales, you are not required to apply for any planning permissions for most domestic solar panel installations — for both PV and heating installations.

There are, however, restrictions on installations of certain sizes.

If your solar panels protrude more than 200mm from your roof,

you will need to apply for permission first.


In addition, for all installations, if your building is within a conservation area, you will need to adhere to some planning permission guidelines.


Government Grants & Funding

The Government have provided Renewable Heating Incentives for various areas throughout the UK & Ireland.


Boiler Upgrade Scheme 

Launched in April 2022, The Boiler Upgrade Scheme will provide upfront capital grants to support the installation of heat pumps, and in some circumstances biomass boilers.

offering homeowners £5000 voucher deduction towards a heat pump installation.

For more information, please follow the links below to the Ofgem website.


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